September 4-8, 2024
Ocean reef club
key largo, Florida


The DisasterPlasty Conference was developed to help surgeons deal with complications when they occur. Learn how to potentially avoid, diagnose, and possibly prevent these complications.

This course came about because most of us going to meetings, and talking about what’s good, end up never discussing those complicated 5% of cases and what we do with them. DisasterPlasty Conference deals with these complications, and would be helpful to anyone who deals with infections, difficult fractures, and failed total joints which most people face every day.

It is done in an informative, fun way – with completely open discussions and participation by all involved, in a competitive format. This approach is why you will enjoy this course, while at the same time learning something.

By the end of the course, hopefully you will pick up many pearls not taught in books, which can help you deal with these complicated cases. Our faculty are hands-on people who are doing these procedures, not just people writing papers and giving lectures. The faculty have been hand-picked because of their expertise and openness in helping others.

We look forward to your support in making the 2024 DisasterPlasty Conference a success!

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World class

Our world-class faculty, representing the select few that do high volumes of these ‘Disaster’ cases, teach this knowledge. It takes a ‘village’ of healthcare providers and technology leaders in the industry to handle the needs of these patients. This select faculty comprises highly experienced surgeons, infectious disease specialists, plastic surgeons, trauma surgeons, limb salvage surgeons, design engineers, medical legal experts and healthcare policy experts.

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This event is truly a multifaceted experience; providing world-class training, professional networking with top-tier faculty and a venue that showcases some of the most innovative vendors in the medical industry. Enjoy one-on- one interactions with our exhibitors and learn more about what they can offer you in business. All this in one location, over a four day period, at a tropical venue in the Keys.

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Our conference wouldn’t be the same without the gifts of our generous sponsors. They are key to making this special event by providing us with their thoughtful donations, precious time and visionary leadership in the medical industry. We’re honored to have them participate in this professional gathering as a core member of our team.